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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 7, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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as well and you can to go my website for the latest cultural and political recaps. thanks for watching. i'm in for bill o'reilly. please rememtops right here because we're always looking out for you. welcome to a special edition of "hannity." for the entire hour, i'll be joined in my studio audience by a bipartisan group of college students and recent grads from all over the country. exactly half of them are republicans. the other seven bravely identified themselves believe it or not as liberal democrats. over the next 60 minutes we'll tackle the hot button issues facing the country from the economy, health care, foreign policy and much more. no subject off limits. so let me welcome our audience. the world will be yours pretty soon. let's start with president obama. how many think the president is
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done, he is in his fifth year, a good job. hands up. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. how many think he's done a poor job? seven. right along ideological lines. how many think health care is a good thing for the country, obamacare as it is presently -- same seven. against -- let me play a clip. i think this really touches on where you guys are. this is obama talking about the debt and deficit. let's roll the tape. >> we're starting to get health care costs under control. we'll still have to make some modifications when it comes to long term entitlement programs so that they're there for young people here when they are ready for retirement. but we don't have an urgent deficit crisis. the only crisis we have is one that's manufactured in washington and it is ideological. >> we don't have an urgent deficit crisis.
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how many agree with that? 16.7 trillion in debt, $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and guess who is going to pay it all off. liz, let's talk to you. >> i'm really disappointed in the president, especially on the issue of obamacare. he said that it would decrease costs and actually, uva this year, my school this past week they came out and said that actually next year they'll have to cut $7.3 million from the uva health insurance plan because of the increased costs that come with implementing obamacare. so i'm pretty outraged that this thing that the president and congress promised would be beneficial to americans and help to decrease health care costs, are actually increasing it. and the burden of this huge debt will be on our generation. >> a democrat, notre dame. how did you ever get to notre dame? >> i worked really hard in high school. and they accepted me. >> that proves my principle as a
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conservative. hard work, individual responsibility, don't rely on others. >> i rely on a lot of people. my parents, my school. it takes a village to raise a child. can i respond to what she said? the thing is, the right now we're seeing the lowest health care costs increases in a very long time. but you have fonds a lot of the -- >> what do you mean the lowest? no. california is going up 164%. we have ohio, his state is going up 80% health care costs. florida is going up 40%. there are only four states that will see a decrease. the president said everybody would see a $2,500 decline. >> the thing about that is everyone, so throws the biggest states you're talking about that are having a decrease but health care costs are still rising. hopefully with the pilot projects through medicare and a lot of the demonstration to change the delivery of thirk promote quality over quantity, we're going to see much lower health care costs. >> but the president promised you that you would pay $2,500
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less per family. that is not true. does that bother you? >> i think with that health care costs will increase but they're going much slower because of obamacare. it is not going to go down precipitously. >> yes. you wanted to weigh in. >> the affordable care act as i call it, i do believe that it is helping us. right? i know as a young person, i am still benefiting from being on my parents' insurance. and i feel like we concentrate on what it is not doing. it is really good to focus on cost effectiveness as has been mentioned about what is lowering and what is going up and increasing but that i think another idea is that it hasn't been fully implemented yet. we're jumping the gun when talking about stuff. >> let's go over here. >> back to that clip, we were talking about the deficit crisis and the debt crisis. if i'm not mistaken cbo reported that obamacare would add $1.5 trillion to the debt in the next ten years. so that's as of right now, over
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53,000 per citizen to pay off that debt. that's not even taxpayers, plus $27,000 in debt that we have from school. >> this president said about the debt. when he was running for office. we have a 10 trillion debt. that's irresponsible. that's reckless. he has given $7 million more to the crisis. >> you're a democrat from harvard. he goes up $7 trillion. whose fault is that? >> republicans are pointing at obamacare as the driver of this debt. obamacare reduces our debt. you can look at the cbo. it speaks obamacare -- >> what, do you remember how much the president said obamacare would cost when he sold it to the country? >> 900 billion. >> right number. who that? dwlung the latest estimate is? $2.8 trillion. name me one governmental program that doesn't cost more than what they project it as. can you? >> go ahead.
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university of california berkeley. i won't ask where you are on this. >> i think this debate is quite in its place. this is a republican plan coming from a republican think tank that is supported by a majority of republicans as long as the term obama is not actually tied to it. >> this bill passed, remember scott brown was elected? wasn't he supposed to be the 41st vote? they passed it just before christmas in the dark of night. they used reconciliation process. not one republican voted for it. how do you call it a republican plan? >> if you look at the latest poll from reuters, they show 78% of republicans support banning insurance company from denying your coverage based on preexisting conditions. 80% of republicans support the insurance exchanges that president obama is setting up and 86% of republicans -- >> do you think republicans want -- >> 86% of republicans support making sure insurance company -- >> you don't like republicans, do you? >> make smurg insurance company can't deny you coverage.
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>> do you think republicans want grandma to die? remember the ad with paul ryan purk granny over the cliff? president obama said republicans, their plan is for dirty air and dirty water. do you think we want grandma to die and want dirty water? >> what i do know is that this plan is already making sure that more americans have health insurance. there are more people that have health insurance now because of president obama's plan. >> but you're going to pay for it. >> 16.7 trillion in debt. $7 trillion is obama. you're going to pay the rest of your life paying for that. >> it bothers you. why? in the back. >> it shows how irresponsible the government is heading and i think we need to take measures to stop that. to stop that. why is this debt being placed on our burden and our children's and our children's children's burden? >> i will tell you, you will work your entire lives paying this back. >> i want to hear from republicans in this room. if they think that the way in which congress has been acting, refusing to act, making every opportunity to change this
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country and block every time when you have obamacare, republicans are saying that not all republicans. >> i'm a registered conservative. >> the house is threatening to shut down the government so that obamacare -- the affordable care action. >> defun obamacare and fund the rest of the government. >> and shut down the government. >> whoa! >> that would be -- if they pass and fund the rest of the government but obamacare, that means the military, our debt, our obligation, social security, medicare, all paid for exempt obamacare. the democrats would shut it down. >> we were talking about the federal sunset the deficit. but it is a fact that under obama, the deficit had decreased as a percentage of gdp more than any other time in the last 60 years. >> not true. >> yes, it is. from 2009 to 2012, it has gone from more than 10% to decreased until -- >> what are they teaching you? >> that's the largest decrease in 60 years. >> in terms of a deficit, it is
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because obama raised debt his first year. it was 10.7 gdp in 2009. this year 7.7%. he could say he reduced his own deficit if that's where we want to go. but in terms of a congress, i want to get back to that. right after fourth of july, obama administration whose treasury department unilaterally delayed employer mandate, and then congress went in and wanted to actually legally authorize the president to do and it the president called it unnecessary. >> what other option is there? i've heard a lot of people talk about the free market. but the free market has no safety net. it has absolutely no form, excuse me, i'm talking. please let me finish. >> if i'm in charge of my own money, i feel like i'm responsible. i know what i want to do with my money than someone else that doesn't know what i'm doing in my every day life. >> do you know of any government in the world that does that? >> we'll come back. we have to did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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that was the only thing left of the house. the only thing. red cross helped us and they've literally got us back on our feet. huge outpouring of love just going, "people care." we didn't come out of there saying, "wow, we lost everything!" we came out of there hugging each other, glad that we were okay. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." i'm joined by a group college students or recent grads. half are democrats, half are republicans. let me go back to the debt and deficit. some of you want your health care taken care of by the government. then you have this other problem. we have $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
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it is unsustainable. you've all studied math. you all went to good colleges. you have to balance this. help me out between paying all that money back and getting the government you say you want that you believe in. >> i want to say one thing about how our country has been run in the last five years. so first of all, we were hit by the great recession. so when you are hit by a great reselling, the worst thing to do is have an austerity plan. >> according to whom in. >> 101 economics. you have to invest in the economy. the surplus -- >> what about the stimulus? did that create jobs? >> it created 3.5 million jobs. noncongressional budget analysis. without the stimulus, it wouldn't have been a recession. it would have been a depression. >> we have the lowest participation rate. of all the jobs, 70% of them are part-time jobs that paid minimum wages. >> the democrats are in favor of
2:15 am
that. >> many employers to get out of requirements of the law are taking people who are full time and making them part time. >> exactly. >> that is unfortunate. i would like to weigh in. thank you for bringing that up, princeton. it is unfortunate when you see private institutions trying to get around these regulations that are clearly designed to help the working class. i think that president obama has proposed an extremely reasonable plan of debt reduction that involves cuts to spending but what president obama and the democratic party are not willing to do is balance the budget on the backs of the poor and the working class. >> can i ask you a question? you say this and i'm listening with fascination. he is the only president to ever give us a trillion-dollar debt in one year -- a deficit in one year. >> george w. bush. >> no, his last year was $458 billion. and not only did he do it once, he did it four time. he is almost, by the time he leaves office, he will have doubled the debt this country
2:16 am
has. he was complaining about $10 trillion. now it is $17 trillion. how do you say he is making deficit reduction? >> i think one thing we have to keep in mind when president obama tack office in 2008 after eight years of kind of shaky economic policies under george w. bush, we saw an economy in -- >> five years later you're going to blame bush? he's had five years to fix this. five years! >> we were losing jobs at a rate of 750,000 a month. >> look, berkeley. this was the worst economic crisis since the great depression. of course it will take longer than five years. we've come a really long way. we started at a peak of 10.1% unemployment. we're down to 7.4 -- >> let me give you some other numbers. economic number. we have doubled the number of americans on food staches. we have more people on welfare than we've ever had since the great depression. we have the lowest labor participation rate that we've ever had. and you're telling never economy
2:17 am
is better. we have one in five children in american children in poverty. >> first of all, why are republicans then saying that we should be cutting $20 billion in food stamps? why are they saying we should be cutting -- >> here's a republican right here. >> okay. do you want to answer that? >> i have to say two things. you say of course it will take more than five and a half years. obama said if he didn't have it done in four years, he wouldn't run for a second term. unfortunately he didn't cash in on that. second of all, i want to shout out to ohio here. governor john kasich turned an $8 billion deficit into a 1.87 billion surplus. unemployment since he took office went from 9 to 7.2% which is below the national average. and people are still trying to give credit to obama for that. >> i was going to point out that under governor jerry brown, 26 billion deficit in california turned into a budget surplus.
2:18 am
no one expected that. except californians were able to pass a tax increase on themselves to fund education. >> so a 40% top rate nationally for income tax. california is tulane%. california is 13.5%. so that raises an important question that we'll ask in the next segment. how much is attach to pay in taxes? taxes? we'l ♪ nothing says, "i'm happy to see you too," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. [ male announcer ] clearly this isn't one of those speed-eating contests. that's a hebrew national hot dog.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." our forum of students and recent grads. how many are ready to enter the workplace? all right. now are you going to start working and you're going to start paying taxes. after you pay your state, local, federal, property, sales tax, how much of every dollar -- the president talk about fair share. how much out of every dollar should you be able to keep? just quickly. we'll run across the line. >> i would stay majority of it and that's not the case right now. >> what do you think? >> it depends on the state. >> give me a number. you work hard. you pay your tax. out of every dollar you make, how much should you keep? >> i'm more worried about students loans. it is and democrats who are helping, not republicans.
2:23 am
>> you're ducking my question. >> you went to school. you work hard. you're paying your student loans back. you make a dollar. how much should you pay to the government and how much should you be able to keep after your hard day of work? a number. 50%? >> i don't know. i don't think there's a clear cut answer for that. you're trying to trap me on this question. >> it is not a trick question. >> what do you think? >> 75 to 80%. >> what do you think? >> if you are somebody who makes $100, taking $50 from them is going toim pact them a lot more than if you take $50 million from someone who has $100 million. >> if you don't know this, half of america pays no federal income taxes. zero. >> they still pay tax. >> i said -- did i say no tax? i said no federal income taxes. >> that doesn't may not they don't pay sale tax, into medicare and social security. >> i was very clear. but they get their social security back, supposedly. may question is, how much should you as a college grad keep every
2:24 am
dollar you make? >> it depends how much the government is going to be providing to me. >> you're ducking. why are you democrats ducking? >> uming, i think we should be paying in tax what our national spending, our government spending as a percent of gdp. >> what point does it become obnoxious? >> when people in california where i'm from are paying 60%, keeping 40. i think that's outrageous. people are going to work, working hard. >> that's an honest answer. >> i worked two jobs this summer at a camp in north carolina and i was a at a timer for a fourth grader. and i worked hard for that money. i feel i should be able to keep most of that money. >> most of it. >> a bunch of bulldog? >> i think you should keep 75%. >> so 25 goes to the government. >> i think i should be able to keep most of it. enough to fund the core functions of the government. >> the core functions.
2:25 am
>> all right, nadia, penn state. >> you don't think i'm going to give you a straight answer. >> why is every democrat has ducked and every republican gave an honest answer? >> it is not a black and white issue. it is not that easy. i've worked job every summer and sometime during the school year since i started college. and it is really difficult for me to get may pay stub back and see what they're taking out for tax and social security and thing lake that. yeah. it hurts a little bit. >> a little bit? >> at the same time i realize that i take public transportation to get to may school. there are nice roads and brigss where i live. >> don't you pay to get on the bus? you cross a bridge in new york, it is $13 each way. >> i question the premise of the entire question. i would say that you get 100% of every dollar. no matter how much you pay in tax, you get that back in police, in firefighters, in s.e.a.l. team 6. >> what about the people that pay nothing? >> no one is paying nothing.
2:26 am
>> excuse me. yes, there are. there are americans that benefit. you can get benefits to the tune of $35,000. a recent kato institute study. >> oh, a kato study. >> when you get your benefits, food stamps, all these other, it amounts to $35,000 a year. yeah. but you did not pay in. >> you have to talk about both spending and tax in the same question. it is not a black or what it. >> if you confiscated the wealthiest americans' money, you still wouldn't be able to fund it. >> because of the advancement, that the wealthiest have done very well whale the middle class and poor have not done as well. >> so you believe -- >> i'm talking, please. >> yes, sir. >> so i think that because they benefit from this economy they passed, they should have to pay more. >> you haven't answered may question. how much should evil rich
2:27 am
people. >> may father does very well and he is not evil. >> how much should he be able to keep out of every there are a he make? >> i think we have to talk about both spending -- >> you don't want to answer may question. next person. syracuse. >> i would say the same thing he says. >> no democrat wants to answer. >> if i have to pay 50% of how much i make and that i know public school in may neighborhood will be funded properly, if that i know the fire department will be incredibly good. if that i know the police will keep me safe for the rest of may layoff, i'll pay 50%. >> if you live in california, you'll pay 60 cents out of every dollar. >> is that okay with you. >>? 60 is okay. what about 70 cents? >> can i plays finish and tell you why. the way i satisfy it, if you pay hey taxes, you should have the return. and so right now, we need to invest more and you've been, you kept mentioning -- >> gator. >> i think that the return on every dollar should be at left a 85 cents. i think all of us as college students, we feel all that money coming out of our tax and at the end of the week we wonder why we
2:28 am
don't have enough spending. we tone have enough spending that we have for disposable income. so i think it kneads to be more reasonable. >> this is interesting. >> if you tone have tax, you don't have a government that works. >> you want tax when you pay state, local, federal, income, and you pay sales tax, property taxes, and you add it all together, i pay 60 cents of every dollar. >> what about the and class for employer sponsored health insurance? that's reregressive because it go mostly toward the wealthy. >> we should have more services for the tax we pay. we can talk about this, the price of college. a lot. other countries, a lot of unpopular countries, for fox news, but they have really hey taxes but then also they have college. so they have good colleges that are just gas as american colleges and health care benefits inside their taxes. some countries are doing well. you're right. country like spain, italy,
2:29 am
portugal -- >> that's because of austerity. >> austerity was adopted because they're broke. >> yes. but they could have been a very different way and it wouldn't be as bad as it is now. >> we'll take break. don't forget, we want to hear from you. log on to our companion site. follow the ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it?
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for all the latest headlines, logon to fox welcome back to this special studio audience. i don't like the fact that we're giving your generation more debt than has ever been passed down in the history of the country. i think we are unfair to you. >> i think it is interesting that everyone in the panel is currently in college. i don't know what your financial situation is. if you ask 25-year-olds who are finally in the workplace and have to support themselves and aren't in school, how they feel about getting taxed 60%, 70%, and they know the true economic
2:35 am
nature of our country right now, i don't think that they would agree as much as these young people do because right now, we're all lucky enough to be at prestigious schools. >> i want to add to that. i think all of us on stage today, we're pretty privileged to go with some of the top universities in this country. at love americans do not go to college. they work through communicate college themselves don't go to college. they pay hard earned taxes and a lot of time they don't see the kind of benefits you describe and that's why they're mad. and i think they have a right to be mad about it. they're subsidizing our education in a way. >> i don't mind -- i was telling, i paid my own way to college. i went to college a year, tropical depression out. went to college a year after i saved money. went three time and then i got into radio and i didn't finish. but i worked as a dishwasher, a cook, a bus boy, bartender, laid time, framed, time, roofing, hung wallpaper and painted to
2:36 am
pay my way. i think younger people expect the government to do things, nadia. you think the government has to take care of you. >> i think that one thing we need to realize it and i'm glad we're getting excited about this and having fun. we're not so different from one another, democrats and republicans. none of us think it is a good thing that our government has this deficit. the good thing is that the democrats think it is more important to fund thing like the supplemental nutrition assistance program than give huge sum of money than to huge corporations like monday santo. >> i'm with you. >> i'm with you. let look at how we've done it. sequestration got passed. that was not leadership. and we saw that we survived it. we can cut the deficit that way. but there are effects to. this people are losing jobs. we create a culture for business where no one wants to come bring their business to the united
2:37 am
states. you have a legislative agenda which is basically number and void. it is not written. it is creating a culture where no one wants to do business. as a young person about to get a job, that's what i'm worried about. taxes, education loans, health care, that's not what concern me right now. >> let me ask you a question. if i told you, and nadia, i want to go back to you. if i told you we can balance the budget in six years and all we've got to do is cut one penny out of every dollar that the government currently spends. do it every year for six years. one penny out of every dollar. and keep the budget the same minus a penny every year for six years and we can balance the budget. is that a common sense plan to rid the country of deficits? >> i would say that sounds a little too good to be true. >> it is true. the problem is, every year the government increases spending 5, 6, 7%. >> it sounds great to take one penny out of every dollar. that doesn't sound like a lot.
2:38 am
but when you're dealing with a government that costs trillion to fund, one penny out of every dollar amounts to huge sums of money that to go benefit poor people. >> but it meenls you don't have to pay this money back throughout your entire working life. >> the issue with your plan you is don't take inplaying the into account. >> sure it does. >> you say one penny. but that's not taking inflation into account. that's usually what paul ryan does and things like that. >> you're missing the whole point. if you're not willing to cut a penny out of every dollar. >> i don't think it should have to be that way. i don't think it should be that students are forced to drop out of college because they can't pay for it. >> one penny? out of every dollar? >> i'm saying we need to put more money into students loans and obamacare. it makes economic sense. if you fund student loans more than we're doing now. if you had lowered the student loan rate rather than raising it as republican wanted to do, these people would be higher
2:39 am
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welcome back to "hannity."
2:43 am
social issues, how many of you favor boring on demand? i said abortion on demand. relax. >> i favor a woman' right to make medical decisions about her own body and i believe that that particular decision should be left between a doctor -- >> and the federal government should have no right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. >> i think the government should protect that right as it was laid out in roe versus wade. >> but the government can step in, eight months into pregnancy and prevent that? >> after a certain point it is not safe -- >> what point? >> for that procedure to be done. >> i'm not a doctor yet so i don't know but talk to me in a couple years. >> at some point would you say that baby, if a baby is viable? does that baby deserve protection? life, liberty, pursuit of happiness? >> i think what we need to talk about here is why this is such a difficult issue. it is the balance between what some see -- >> i said if the baby is viable, it can live alone outside the
2:44 am
womb. >> you call it a baby and i call it a fetus. you call it a baby with constitutional rights. >> at eight months we know the child inside a woman's body is viable. it can live outside the womb. at that time if a woman chooses to go into an abortion clinic, are you okay with that? >> that's a completely unrealistic scenario. no one is getting an boring at eight months. >> it happens. no, it happens. >> none of us have the right to judge. >> we can walk back. is three months the cut-off point? one month? >> what is scary is seeing that a lot of people in congress and the government are saying that boring completely should become illegal. when you say that kind of thing, you are restricting somebody's possible of having their own body -- >> no restrictions. ninl months into a pregnancy, a woman could have an abortion. >> that's different. when i hear -- >> so a government over snowe when i hear members of congress, women had a take birth control, i've heard that from --
2:45 am
>> that's just an ignorant statement. >> there are certain statements that seemingly get pushed. i don't care what people do in the privacy of their homes. what people do in their bedrooms, anyone disagree? >> i'm putting my hand down. >> gay marriage. how many of you support gay marriage? >> republicans supporting gay marriage. >> do i. so i'm the state chairman -- i'm the chairman of college republicans at uva. and this year, in virginia it was a huge swing state and we saw tons of voters in virginia who thought obama is doing a terrible job with the economy and after college, they're like we're not going to get a job. we're going to have to move in with our parent. yet they still voted to reelect him. and the issue was gay marriage most of the time. they had friends, relatives, even themselves who wanted to get married someday express their love through marriage. if mitt romney who trade to avoid talking about social
2:46 am
issues derk a good job of that but the fact is he was still against gay marriage. people valued that. >> why there do have republicans feel that way. >> maybe i'm from u.t. austin so it a different climb there. i do talk to a lot of young republicans and we are for marriage equality. i may not, i made a seventh argument for it. the families in this country are broken and we need more families. whether that is heterosexual families, homosexual families, we need families in order to maintain societal co-things. >> can you elaborate -- >> any other republicans support gay m>> i'm someone who thinks union of marriage is something to be protected but what we can do is expand civil -- excuse me, civil unions. invite gay couple had a love each other and want to spend the rest of their lye together to have all the rights that married couple do. >> let me move on to immigration. >> you disagree? >> no, no.
2:47 am
he made a good point. that sounds like separate but equal no. it will be marriage in everything but the name because we don't want to touch that. >> may concern is that republicans will 97 win the youth vote. i don't think they will ever win another election if they do not support gay marriage in my opinion. >> the issue with gay marriage or marriage equality, the repeal of don't ask don't tell. it is not about winning the youth vote or pandering to a demographic. for people who identify as liberal, it about doing the right thing. >> it can't just be marriage. it is important but it is only one part. just as if not far more important ending discrimination, make smurg there is a equality craw the boempld marriage is just one small part. >> i think the government kneads to take out of religious institutions and marriage being a religious institution, it kneads to stay out. what he was saying about civil unions, that's great. unions, that's great. as far as calling it gay [ jackie ] its just so frustrating...
2:48 am
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k6(uh.sy0v >> welcome back to the hannity forum. immigration. how many of you think that those that entered this country without respecting more than law and sovereignty should be able to get citizenship. raise your hand? >> depends. >> are on what? >> if they show and they have been in the country for a long time and are being ek am noically productive and trying to live out the american dream by coming here and would like to
2:51 am
see more republicans voting on immigration reform because it will be a hot issue to win the latino vote. >> how many think we should secure the border first. >>y agree with that as a democrat? >> are there is a bill on the floor that is written by senator chuck schumer and it's a bipartisan bill with republicans and democrats. this is not as good of a bill as i would pass, but it's one of the major steps towards having comprehensive immigration reform. secure the border first. >> what if they say okay, you didn't respect our laws and sovereignty, you can stay, but no citizenship. would that be okay? >> no. for one reason. people have been in the country for -- i know so many kids who i went to high school with who came in at a young age and grew up as americans and deserve to be americans. >> what about the people who respect the laws of americans. >> they came here through no
2:52 am
fault of their own. >> someone who works, they should improve the time it takes to become an american. this long process where it takes years to be an american citizen. instead of giving amnesty to these illegal immigrants, improve the system so we don't have to take eight or nine years to be a citizen of the united states. >> should we send them back? >> i don't think we should send them back, about don't make them citizens of the united states. >> let me ask the question. race relations in america. who laughed? somebody did. has america made enough progress or are we still very divided? questions. how many say divided? in the back. >> obviously i'm a black person so i walk in this world every day. i don't feel and it would appear that there is this idea of color
2:53 am
blindness. i don't see color. there is this idea of a level playing field drawn for people. being a person of higher education and you are assumed to be educated and it looks like i have equal benefits to my white peers. that's not the same because i experience things very different. >> do you think most americans are racist? >> no, but do i think most americans are educated on the privileges that they receive due to race? i definitely do not think people understand what it means to be privileged in this country based on your race. i mean privileged beyond just white privilege. privilege across the board. >> yeah. go ahead. >> i think that as an immigrant to the united states, i believe in hard work that you put in and it will reflect your character. when i'm walking down the street, it's a different relationship i have with different people. at the end of the day, i'm working hard and getting ahead. based on my work and not relying on others.
2:54 am
>> can i say something about stop and frisk. i grew up in the city. new york city. i have a lot of friends who are african-american and they are stopped by cops. one of my friends stopped over 200 times in four years. this is the kind of thing you cannot ignore as a new yorker. the fundamential issue that in this country about race. thank god that the stop and frisk was considered unconstitutional because inherently it is. >> so i mean regardless of how you foal about it, the application has been 50% of the time that older white man defends and kills a younger black person they are let off 50% of the time. the other way around it's 10% of the time. >> the zimmerman case was not about stand your ground, the stand your ground statute
2:55 am
benefitted black floridians more than black. they used it successfully in the court as a defense. >> it works against them. >> no, no. it works for them. over 70% of the time. >> that's not correct. >> i will give it to you soon. >> i want to ask my peers. a lot of times we speak in terms of the media or people who are way older than us. i look around campus today and a lot of times we self-segregate ourselves. different ethnic groups and student organizations into multicultural centers. a lot of times we are in 2013 and we want to move ahead, but on college campuses we tend to have -- >> i think a lot of racial resentments are seen at my university have come from effects of affirmative action because white people believe a lot of the minority students are only there because they got in
2:56 am
on the basis of ethnicity. >> that's an assumption people shouldn't make. >> it's true, but there remaining race issues at our school due to some of those problems. >> i have a last question. you have have been a great audience and i like pushing you. seriously. i feel like we bonded. you are not going to proverb me to karl marx. as engaged and informed as you are, that's encouraging to me. what i am concerned about most is if the opportunity that i had in my life is going to be available for all of you. how many of you worry about the american dream not being there for you? hands up. how many disagree. how many think it's there, no problem? i think -- yes? just because i went to nyu --
2:57 am
>> the american dream is the idea that it's been brought up, but it's about hard work and it's not a dream. it should be something available to everybody. if you work hard, if you pay taxes and you get a lot back from the government and have a lot of opportunities, you can succeed. it's wonderful that you succeeded and i hope everyone succeeds from hard work and not from the idea of a dream. >> everyone wants the american dream to be there. it has been said before and should be said again there is far more that unites us than divides us. this is a perfect example. you were talking earlier about working through college and you think you pulled yourself up by your boot straps, that's amazing and what everyone should be able to do. we need to know how to get there. >> probably are going to have and we will say this and my hope for you all because i want you all to succeed, even the liberals, especially him.
2:58 am
once you pay the taxes, i want you to see me and we will talk. i am worried that all this that we conditioned the american people to think the government is the answer. if i can give you one small piece of advice, this goes to what you are saying, the more you depend on yourself and work hard, the more likely you are going to be sfblg. when you look outside yourself, the government can't save you. that will be my only bit of advice. you have been a great audience. give yourself a big hand. you did a great job. thank you all. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. the news continues. ♪
2:59 am
3:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us on "fox & friends" this saturday morning. great to have you with us. i'm alisyn camerota. i would tell you the date if i knew it? >> i think it's the 7th. >> alisyn: september 7th, 2013. that's why mike jerrick is in for clayton this morning. what will the president do about syria? will he wait for congress? >> mike: also we had a bleacher collapse. >> tucker: a terrifying story. >> mike: we have so much to get to today. let's just get started. >> tucker: we begin with syria it this morning. the crisis of the moment perhaps the crisis of the de


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